Upload your photos




We want your photos...!

In order to capture your photos please upload them to the Flickr account shown in the sidebar.  Of course, you can also share anything on facebook, but the advantage of Flickr, is that we can then get a copy of your photos at full original quality rather than the compressed versions on facebook.

Alternatively you could go ‘old school’ and simply put your photos on CD and let us have them at some point - but please don’t forget!


click ‘sign in’ (top right)

sign in as

Yahoo! ID= graham.danar

password = letmein

once signed in click on ‘upload’ then ‘Choose photos and video’ and follow the instruction.

Please put your name in the comments section so we know who took which photos.

We really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

We both hope you find this upload process easy and look forward to seeing the wedding through everyone else's lens!

photos taken by friends are now online at